7 things applicants need to know

Johanna Petro Leigh
about 2 years agoAugust 3, 2018
How inspirational! Why wait! I seriously want to become part of this amazing family!
Heidi Grosowsky
about 2 years agoAugust 5, 2018
I am applying now! I want to be part of this tribe as it feels like my tribe!
Pushpendra Mehta
about 2 years agoAugust 5, 2018
The seven attributes for extraordinary success. Simply awesome. I am applying shortly.
Jessica Bushore
about 2 years agoAugust 9, 2018
I really appreciate a video like this to help applicants tailor their resume and application accordingly. I think the redesign of the site and identity are more tailored to the Tribe's mission.
about 2 years agoAugust 13, 2018
This video is truly inspirational and I love it! This is a family and you really help people thrive. I really want to join an environment like this!
about 2 years agoAugust 17, 2018
It is truly great to hear that Scribe values people who are entirely honest about who they are and how they will fit in to such a thriving culture - no masks or company politics. Thanks for taking the time to make this informative video!
about 2 years agoAugust 19, 2018
Let's change the world!  I'm ready! (3rd time applying might just be the charm ;  )
Katharine Kaye McMillan PhD, I-O Pscyh, 13X Author
about 2 years agoAugust 20, 2018
Beautiful message about the power of organizational culture to foster creativity through being a human workplace. Bringing your whole self to work, trusting and feeling safe with your colleagues, having a growth mindset and positive outlook, all those factors make your work deeply meaningfully and powerfully transformative for you. (Or, Me!) Great video that should be seen by more organizations.
almost 2 years agoOctober 23, 2018
Look at their glassdoor reviews first.
almost 2 years agoOctober 25, 2018
Here you go: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Scribe-Media-Reviews-E1254645.htm
almost 2 years agoOctober 24, 2018
What a positive video!  Polishing my skills.
Don Lipper
almost 2 years agoNovember 1, 2018
As a long-time ghostwriter, this organization is what I've been seeking for ages. The Scribe process is exactly how I approach my client's books. It seems too good to be true.
almost 2 years agoNovember 6, 2018
you got me! I am checking out the career description, because I want a career not a job, and I am applying!
Nabeel Azeez
almost 2 years agoNovember 7, 2018
Applicants tend to forget...

Just as you're "auditioning" for the company you're trying to work for...they're auditioning for you.

All companies have to do this if they want the hire and retain the best people.

And I checked out your Glassdoor reviews and your employees think you're legit (except for the one bad-faith review.)

That's a good sign.
Jack Mitchell
almost 2 years agoNovember 26, 2018
I'm not going to lie--I thought this "tribe" business sounded creepy and cult-like at first, but now I'm starting to jump on the bandwagon. As an unemployed writer living in Austin, working at Scribe sounds like a dream come true. I look forward to applying (multiple times, if need be!) and I hope to work with you all soon!
almost 2 years agoNovember 29, 2018
I honestly think a good deal of effort went into making people feel valued. Would explain why anyone would try and try again to join your tribe. It seems you are good keepers....closest description of caeer eutopia.
Jody Gibson
almost 2 years agoDecember 4, 2018
As a person who has always been an "open book" (so to speak), I find this type of culture incredibly refreshing after trying to fit my round peg into too many square holes out there. It would be truly incredible to be surrounded by like-minded creatives who push each other to new levels as writers. I wish I would have found you sooner!
almost 2 years agoDecember 5, 2018
Every single one of these people seem so incredibly sincere. Good luck to all my fellow applicants!
Katie Pezzutto
almost 2 years agoDecember 6, 2018
Extremely insightful. Thank you Scribe!
Aaron Gale
almost 2 years agoDecember 6, 2018
From the looks of it, this might just be exactly the opportunity I've been hoping, praying, looking, and waiting for my entire career as a writer. An amazing virtual environment that edifies and nurtures its writers and allows them to realize their full potential. Here's to hoping that I and all of the other truly sincere applicants out here are a solid fit for this position with Scribe, and vice versa.
Christina Dani
over 1 year agoJanuary 15, 2019
One word: Juiced!!
over 1 year agoJanuary 15, 2019
Unless I have to pay to be a part of Scribe, I am really interested.
Rosie Moeller
over 1 year agoJanuary 16, 2019
The video is inspiring, yet I can't help but think this is too good to be true. Only one way to find out: apply! It also reminds me of the videos I've seen for mountain sports companies! :-)
over 1 year agoFebruary 21, 2019
Are you real? I am applying now.
Mark Blangger
over 1 year agoFebruary 21, 2019
Every Scribe tribe member in every video I’ve watched epitomizes the saying, “Do what you love and you will never work another day in your life.” I’m down with that—and my hopes are high!
V. Jane Shipwash
over 1 year agoMay 7, 2019
I am so ready to thrive in a creative, clear-cut environment like this!  Just watching this video feels like home to me, like your people are my people, before I have even applied.  Thank you so much for this video!  I am a very personable, creative person and need this type of career where I can do something innovation and exciting every day.  I feel that I've found the place that can embrace my insatiable need to  write and fulfill my creative cravings.  I'm here for to join the Tribe, sign me up!
Mark Almodovar
over 1 year agoMay 28, 2019
This seems like a very exciting company to join and work for and I would definitely like to join. However, I am epileptic and unable to drive so is there a way to be offered a job where I can work at home or anywhere using the PC or laptop?
Stephanie Mc Ggregor
about 1 year agoJuly 9, 2019
well it's worth a shot!
about 1 year agoJuly 11, 2019
What a great viewpoint on the work/life principle.  I need to design book covers for your company.
about 1 year agoJuly 24, 2019
This is my 3rd time applying lol.  I will become a part of this tribe :)
about 1 year agoAugust 29, 2019
OMG! I so much want to become a part of this tribe! I will manifest it!! :D
about 1 year agoSeptember 6, 2019
I am going to work here. You can only fail if you quit!
about 1 year agoSeptember 14, 2019
Does Scribe hire freelance writers with no specific experience in books?
Sounds like paradise
12 months agoOctober 4, 2019
I've been looking for a work environment like this for years. Now I know it actually exists. I want to be here.
12 months agoOctober 10, 2019
Honestly, Scribe sounds like a DREAM! A good culture is hard to find and this just seems like the perfect fit. I would love to be a part of the Scribe Tribe!
Azam Sharif Ph.D.
11 months agoOctober 14, 2019
Motivational! I really get deep essence of creation that can bring meaningful impact one's thinking, life and writing. All tribes are different but this tribes are intellectually sharp with cutting edge. I love to be whole self to Scribe Tribe!
Polly Etymology
11 months agoOctober 25, 2019
Please attach the transcript.  The video does not always play and everyone does not always have time to watch a video.  I can't see it.
11 months agoOctober 25, 2019
It is attached. Click "CC" in the player, then "Search video"
Lisa Zembal
11 months agoNovember 2, 2019
I love it. "If you're not offered a job, it doesn't mean anything. It means nothing." (ok!) Except, "It just means... we don't think you'll be a culture fit. That's it." (Whew) "Or.. a skill fit." (huh?) 'If I'm being honest, it sometimes can indicate you're not good to your mother.' (what?) And full discloser, it may or may not mean you're a good pet owner. But that's really it, and you should't let it bother you.' ;-):-)
Madison T.
10 months agoNovember 13, 2019
It is very refreshing and encouraging to know that authenticity and transparency are highly valued at Scribe. Those are two values I've always sought out in a workplace and haven't always had the fortune to experience in return. Looking so forward to the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals!
Lisa Zoe Lawston
10 months agoDecember 5, 2019
You literally brought tears to my eyes and I'm not a cry baby! Haha! 
I feel like working within your culture would be coming home, and I haven't been home in a really long time.
John O'Donnell
9 months agoDecember 17, 2019
Those are seven powerful "things" to know. And to value. For me, it's a great intro. Thanks! Now . . . onto further research.
Miles Rote
8 months agoFebruary 1, 2020
Just applied. Love the mission, dig the culture. You guys are doing great things and I hope I get the opportunity to help.
Wendy Toscano
4 months agoMay 27, 2020
Ummmmm.... YES. Sending the app ASAP.
Summer Fleming
3 months agoJune 11, 2020
Dude. I need a job here. I want to work with people who feel like family so we can all support and encourage each other even if we have a lot to learn.
3 months agoJune 21, 2020
I love the message, but. . . Oh my God! I love the music!
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