Who should NOT work at Scribe?

Pushpendra Mehta
4 months agoAugust 5, 2018
This is a wonderful video, honest and meaningful.
4 months agoAugust 6, 2018
I live in Florida, can I apply? :O
Jessica Bushore
4 months agoAugust 9, 2018
Self-selection is important! Indeed sometimes an environment is not a good fit, and the information in this video is very honest.
about 2 months agoOctober 17, 2018
This is certainly refreshing :)
27 days agoNovember 19, 2018
I so appreciate these videos. Your forthright honesty is so refreshing. Looking forward to the application process regardless of the outcome!
Christa Ehrler
10 days agoDecember 6, 2018
Ah, vulnerability. The only way to grow is to pop your own bubble.
Katie Pezzutto
9 days agoDecember 6, 2018
The people in this company are brilliant; there's so much wisdom here! The paradox of vulnerability and intensity of the business sounds like an incredible mixture and exactly like my kind of place to be! I can't wait to apply.
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